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Slab Foundation Repair

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Andrew's Foundation Repair offers our customers an excellent slab foundation repair service. Concrete slab foundations are one of the most popular varieties of foundations. Concrete slabs are strong and durable which makes them great for foundations, however if pressure shifts, the slab can be damaged. This can lead to structural damages to your home, walls cracking and breaking, your basement may even flood with water. To protect your property against the risks of damaged concrete foundation, hire us for a repair as soon as you notice any damages.

Prevent Structural Damages

Concrete slab foundations are the base of your entire building. As a result, the foundation has enormous duties when it comes to retaining structural integrity in your home. If your foundations have been cracked, they will next begin to separate and pull apart. When slab foundations separate, walls, ceilings and flooring will start to show cracks. If this is not treated soon, the walls may pull apart, doors wont close and windows will fall out of the frame. These are all signs of structural damages. To protect your property from structural damages, hire our expert help to repair your slab foundations as soon as you notice any problems.

Protect Your Aesthetics

Concrete slab foundations are typically buried beneath your home. As a result, most people would think that foundations have little influence over your property appearance. However, this is not the case. When concrete slabs are damaged, walls and ceiling can crack. Flooring and outdoor areas can shift and move. Windows and doors can even be distorted and bent out of shape. This harms your property aesthetics which will spoil your curb appeal. A poor curb appeal will deter potential buyers should you choose to sell, which will lead to a decrease in property value.

Save Money on a Replacement

Concrete slab foundations can easily crack or suffer minor damage. This can happen as the home settles into the ground if it’s a new building. Slab foundations can also crack when water pools underneath one side, allowing the slab to move. When concrete slabs crack, the repairs are relatively quick and straightforward. However, over time the damages will worsen if left untreated. If the damages worsen too much, your slab foundations may require a replacement which is a more labor-intensive and expensive project. To save money on a complete replacement, hire us to repair at the first sign of trouble.

Prevent Damage to Your Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Depending on the layout of your home, your slab foundations are likely close to plumbing features in your home. When foundations shift and move, this can cause nearby pulse to burst or become damaged. Managed slab foundations can also cause walls, ceiling and flooring to move around. Important plumbing and electrical components run under floors and through walls. As a result, when they move wires can be damaged if fixed on place. To protect your plving and electrical components and to save money on repairs, hire our expert team to repair your slab foundations today.

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